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Project Description


The founders of Agape Projects have been hosting an annual Toy Run in the Baltimore Metro area for several years now. What started as a simple idea, and $2500 donation by Danny has grown exponentially every year. Last year we treated 165 children to Christmas presents that they otherwise would not have received. The idea was to fill a niche and buy children who have one or both parents incarcerated presents for the holiday. Children should not have to suffer for the decisions of their parents. However, we had such a large number of low income families reaching out to us, that we decided to include everyone.

Every year, about a week before Christmas we meet at a prearrange toy store location and give the children (guided by adults) one hour to pick out $100 in toys each. Once they have the toys, they come through checkout and at the end of the night we pick up the tab. This project would never be so huge if it wasn’t for our generous sponsors. It only costs $100 to sponsor a child, and the smile that comes from that is worth every penny!

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