We take a team mission trip abroad every year
Mission Trips Abroad

embody the spirit of Agape
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Our mission trips embody the spirit of Agape as we raise vital donations, selflessly serve communities, and deliver life-saving fresh water to those facing hardship. Through these transformative journeys, we aim to make a meaningful impact and spread the love of Agape to the farthest corners of the world.

Join us on our transformative mission trips, where together, we can be the hands and hearts that make a difference in the world. Through these journeys, we not only provide aid but also foster a sense of unity and hope that transcends borders and cultures.






  • Fundraising for Change: We actively raise funds to support our mission trips, ensuring we have the necessary resources to make a lasting difference. These funds go towards purchasing supplies, covering travel expenses, and supporting the communities we visit.

  • Selfless Service: Our dedicated team of volunteers embodies the Agape spirit, dedicating their time and skills to selflessly serve communities in need. Whether it's rebuilding homes, providing medical care, or offering educational support, we are there to make a meaningful difference.

  • Delivering Life-Saving Fresh Water: Access to clean and safe drinking water is a fundamental human right. On our mission trips, we prioritize delivering life-saving fresh water to communities facing hardship due to water scarcity. Through this, we not only quench physical thirst but also symbolize the love and care that Agape represents.