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Project Description

Disaster Recovery

Watching and hearing about human suffering causes us to want to spring into action. We see in the news natural disasters occurring in our own country as well as others and our heart breaks for the people left homeless, and suffering. However most of us have jobs and families that we cannot leave to go help. That is where Agape Projects come in. Whenever we have the time and resources available we jump into action to help with local rescue efforts, feeding and providing water to the people in need, building or just delivering donations. The after effects of an earthquake, flood, fire or any other disaster can leave millions homeless in the blink of an eye. We see these things and understand that, only by the grace of God that could have been us. It is this gratitude that inspires us to help wherever we see or feel a need. We will go solo or take a team, depending on the situation and availability of resources. We need your help in doing so…..we as humanity are one family, and must look after our own.