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Project Description

Animal Rescue

In a small town in Costa Rica several years ago, a visiting group of compassionate women witnessed neighborhoods filled with starving and ill dogs and cats, most of which were pets of the local townspeople.  With the help of a local veterinarian, the women started a volunteer-led spay-neuter clinic.  It wasn’t that the people in this town didn’t love their animals, because they did; it was a matter of money.  When you only make $4 an hour and must take care of a family, it is very hard to find extra money to neuter your pet.

Now, three times a year, not only this town but in other poor areas, a skilled veterinarian who donates her time, veterinary students, as well as animal-loving volunteers open the doors to the spay and neuter clinic, treating as many animals as possible in a safe and hygienic setting.  With the help of volunteers the animals are also checked for illness and treated.  For example, certain tick diseases are rampant and the cost of one month’s treatment is equal to a month’s wage.  The request of the pet owners for neutering services and treatment provided to their pets is to make a modest donation, as they are able; however, the pet owners’ contribution covers only a small part of clinic expenses.

This is why the outreach efforts of this Agape project are so vital.  With the support of others who also care about animal welfare, we can supply medicine, pay for spaying and neutering of animals, and offer education about pet ownership.  Twenty US dollars pays for one animal to be safely neutered or spayed.   By preventing even one dog or cat from having repeated litters of puppies or kittens, we save generations of innocent animals living an existence of hunger and suffering.

Whether it is donating supplies and medicine to the small villages in Costa Rica to have their animals spayed and neutered, or transporting dogs out of natural disasters like Harvey, this Agape project helps others give their animals a life worth living.

pays for one animal to be safely neutered or spayed.
dogs roam the streets in Costa Rica.
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