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Project Description

Addiction & Recovery Resources

Drug abuse is one of the largest epidemics in the world right now. It takes hundreds of thousands of lives and destroys just as many families every year. Our founder has twenty years experience dealing with recovery from both alcohol and drugs and it is his passion to help those who are in the same position that he once was in. We work hand in hand with local treatment centers and facilities trying to ensure bed space and housing for those that are both willing to recover and actively participating in a program of sobriety.

We work with addicts in the streets as well helping them to find both food, shelter and ultimately treatment. Our services also go towards helping the families of addicts and those left behind, with a large emphasis on the children who grew up in addicted homes. It is our desire that no child need repeat the cycle.

We work hands on providing aid, treatment, housing and other needs to all of these individuals and ask that you join us on our mission.